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    MGT - Introduction To Business Handouts Lecture no.1 to Posted by + + ღ ♥! Attachments: MGT_handouts_1_pdf, MB. MGT Handouts pdf File (Size: KB / Downloads: ). [Image:] [Image:]. View Essay - Handouts MGT - from IT at University of Engineering & Technology. Introduction to Business MGT VU Lecture

    How to download handouts. CS handout Complete Lecture no. MCM - Communication skills. MCM - Journalistic Writing. MCM - Globalization of Media. MCM - Introduction to Broadcasting. MCM - Development Communication. MCM - Theories of Communication. MCM - Online Journalism. MCM - Community Journalism. MCM - Magazine Journalism. MCM - Media Management. MCM - International Communication. MKT - Marketing Management.

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    MCM - Community Journalism. MCM - Magazine Journalism. MCM - Media Management.

    MCM - International Communication. MKT - Marketing Management. MKT - Marketing Research. MKT - Brand Management. MKT - Services Marketing.

    MKT - International Marketing. PSC - International Relations. PSY - Social Psychology. PSY - Abnormal Psychology. PSY - Personality Psychology. PSY - Educational Psychology. PSY - Sport Psychology. PSY - Health Psychology. The information revolution will continue to enhance productivity across all sectors of the economy, most notably in such information-dependent industries as finance, media, and wholesale and retail trade.

    New technological breakthroughs in areas biotechnology will create entirely new industries. Increasing globalization will create much larger markets while also fostering tougher competition among global businesses; as a result, companies will need to focus even more on innovation and cost cutting.

    Projected Trends and Patternsthere are a number of projections for the near future. Sudden changes in environmental factors, such as war, can alter these projections.

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    Demographic factors are important to managers as the changes in these demographic factors affect the businessmen planning. Total population determines the size of market, huge population size and growth rate brings a large number of customers, more consumption and more opportunities for business, cheap and abundant labor supply will also be available.

    It affects the business positively. Another demographic factor that affects the business is education level.

    If education level of public is high then the supply of skilled labor will increase and supply of unskilled labor will decrease. In case of low education level supply of skilled labor will decrease.

    Education level also affects the downloading pattern of customers; if they are highly educated then the business enterprise must be careful about the quality of its products and services. In the same way, gender and age composition, income level, geographical location etc are also important demographic factors.

    Legal and political factors include legal and governmental system organizations operate. Political and legal environment strongly affect the business decisions. Government decides that what sort of economic activities the country should have, in which areas the private sector should be encouraged, also defines the areas where foreign companies may enter.

    Laws and regulations influence the decision making and limit the businesses for the countrys wellbeing. Product and Service Technologiesthe technologies employed for creating products both physical goods and services for customers.

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    Although many people associate technology with manufacturing, it is also a significant force in the service sector. I cannot even describe how much Course Hero helped me this summer. In the end, I was not only able to survive summer classes, but I was able to thrive thanks to Course Hero. IT Handouts MGT - Updated.

    Tea, soap, toothpaste, shaving cream, cooking oil etc. Industrial products are used in industry.

    Raw material, machinery, chemicals, computer hardware and software. Relationship Marketing Developing a long term relationship with the customers, by making phone calls to the customers, sending gifts to customers etc. Transactional Marketing Transaction with the customer, it is a business strategy that focuses on single, "point of sale" transactions. The emphasis is on maximizing the efficiency and volume of individual sales rather than developing a relationship with the downloader.