Organized to Do Jehovah's Will. DOWNLOAD OPTIONS. Organized to Do Jehovah's Will. Text Publication download options Organized to Do Jehovah's Will. ORGANIZED TO DO JEHOVAH'S WILL (Book). (See also Watch Tower Publications). contents: od ; od05 4. copy in Kingdom Hall library: km 6/05 3. Publications · Books & Brochures. Organized to Do Jehovah's Will. DOWNLOAD OPTIONS. Organized to Do Jehovah's Will. Video Video download options.

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    Organized To Do Jehovahs Will Book

    Organized to do Jehovah's Will book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. od-E. ORGANIZED. TO DO JEHOVAH'S WILL. “To do your will,. O my God, is my delight.” —Ps. This book issued to. Date. Place of baptism. Date. WAT. Organized to Do Jehovah's Will [Watch Tower] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

    Also, I knew Prince was a member, and any religious group that could claim Prince as one of their own was either extremely terrifying or weirdly edgy and almost cool. A South African couple. More than 35, were in attendance each day. There was also a specific delegation of French-speaking guests. Initially I thought it was paranoia, plain and simple, until I heard one of them communicating my whereabouts. I pretended not to hear him.

    On the basis of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, have you repented of your sins and dedicated yourself to Jehovah to do his will?

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    To qualify for baptism, a candidate has to answer the above two questions in the affirmative — typically in front of a large audience, at a convention or assembly. A cursory look at the questions suggests no complexity whatsoever. They are otherwise prima facie innocuous.

    But are they really? Baptismal Questions: One Q1 This one is pretty simple and straight forward. Baptismal Questions: Two Q2 This right here is the question of interest. It is, effectively, a trailer that hooks itself onto the first question. Because it references the dedication that the candidate has just acknowledged, namely, the dedication made to Jehovah.

    Put differently, if I read the bible and I bear witness to the God of the bible, am I a witness of Jehovah… or not? And which organisation?

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    Meaning the Watchtower organisation? Today a similar pattern of organization is followed in all congregations of Jehovah's Witnesses.

    These Organized to Do Jehovahs Will Page 24 collectively form a united worldwide congregation built around the nucleus of spirit-anointed ones.

    May we continue to manifest full confidence and trust in this faithful slave class today. This has placed a heavy responsibility on 'the faithful slave. It has proved to be the course of wisdom to organize certain corporations that are recognized by the laws of various countries. These religious corporations own and operate printing facilities that produce and distribute Bibles and Bible literature worldwide for use in the Kingdom ministry.

    Organized to Do Jehovahs Will Page 25 These corporations are exclusively devoted to advancing the interests of true worship in the earth. All these legal instrumentalities cooperate with one another.

    Such legal corporations are used to facilitate the preaching of the good news worldwide and to care for the spiritual needs of the entire congregation of God in all parts of the earth. One member of the committee serves as the Branch Committee coordinator. Local congregations under each branch are organized into circuits, and a number of circuits make up a district.

    Circuits and districts may be of various sizes, depending on geographic and language considerations as well as the number of congregations within the area assigned to the branch.

    A circuit overseer is appointed to serve the congregations in each circuit. A district overseer visits the different circuits, serves at circuit assemblies, and spends some time serving congregations, usually with the circuit overseer present. The duties of traveling overseers are set out from time to time in Our Kingdom Ministry as well as in correspondence directed to them by the branch office.

    All in the organization recognize God's administration. The congregations acknowledge and conform to organizational arrangements that are outlined for the benefit of all. They accept the appointment of older men who oversee the work in branches, dis- Organized to Do Jehovahs Will Page 26 tricts, circuits, and congregations.

    They look to "the faithful and discreet slave" for spiritual food at the proper time. As all work together in unity, they experience results similar to those experienced by the congregations in the first century. We are told at Acts "Indeed, the congregations continued to be made firm in the faith and to increase in number from day to day.

    How different Jesus was from the false shepherds of Israel, who neglected the flock to such an extent that the sheep were scattered and spiritually starved! By precept and example, Jesus emphasized the serious responsibility that he laid upon the apostles to care for the sheep. When speaking to Peter on one occasion, Jesus impressed very strongly upon the Organized to Do Jehovahs Will Page 27 minds and hearts of the apostles the importance of feeding and shepherding the sheep.

    John Peter was deeply moved by this, as indicated later in his exhortation to older men. In his first inspired letter, he admonished overseers: "Shepherd the flock of God in your care, not under compulsion, but willingly; neither for love of dishonest gain, but eagerly; neither as lording it over those who are God's inheritance, but becoming examples to the flock.

    Peter's words apply with equal force to overseers in the congregation today. The responsibility of overseers today is the same as it was in the first century, namely, to shepherd the flock of God. In his letter, Peter emphasized the proper attitude that overseers should have in caring for such responsibility.

    Imitating Jesus, they should serve willingly and eagerly as examples to the flock, taking the lead in Jehovah's service. We can be grateful for the spirit-appointed overseers in the congregation. The benefits we receive are many. For example, overseers give spiritual encouragement and personal attention to the needs of individual members of the congregation.

    Each week they preside with earnestness at congregation meetings, where all are nourished in the faith. Organized to Do Jehovahs Will Page 28 To ensure proper care of the congregation, men appointed to serve as overseers must meet the requirements set out in God's Word. Only if they qualify can it be said that they are appointed by holy spirit. Acts Admittedly, the Scriptural standards for Christian overseers are high, since these men have the serious responsibilities of taking the lead in Jehovah's worship and of being exemplary in Christian conduct.

    The high standards call for those appointed as elders to be good examples in the congregation. It should be obvious to all that the overseers are individuals who apply Bible counsel in the affairs of life.

    The apostle Paul set out in his first letter to Timothy and his letter to Titus the basic Scriptural requirements for overseers. At 1 Timothy , we read: "If any man is reaching out for an office of overseer, he is desirous of a fine work.

    The overseer should therefore be irreprehensible, a husband of one wife, moderate in habits, sound in mind, orderly, hospitable, qualified to teach, not a drunken brawler, not a smiter, but reasonable, not belligerent, not a lover of money, a man presiding over his own household in a fine manner, having children in subjection with all seriousness; if indeed any man does not know how to preside over his own household, how will he take care of God's congregation?

    Moreover, he should also have a fine testimony from people on the outside, in order Organized to Do Jehovahs Will Page 29 that he might not fall into reproach and a snare of the Devil. For an overseer must be free from accusation as God's steward, not self-willed, not prone to wrath, not a drunken brawler, not a smiter, not greedy of dishonest gain, but hospitable, a lover of goodness, sound in mind, righteous, loyal, self-controlled, holding firmly to the faithful word as respects his art of teaching, that he may be able both to exhort by the teaching that is healthful and to reprove those who contradict.

    Other Bible writers discuss additional Christian qualities required of men appointed as overseers, or shepherds, of the congregation. Although the Scriptural requirements may at first seem to be somewhat overwhelming, there should be no reason for Christian men to shy away from desiring the fine work associated with the office of overseer.

    By taking the lead in manifesting fine Christian qualities, overseers encourage other members of the congregation to do the same.

    Evangelizing Jehovah’s Witnesses

    This is indicated by what the apostle Paul wrote in describing how "gifts in men" are provided "with a view to the readjustment of the holy ones, for ministerial work, for the building up of the body of the Christ, until we all attain to the oneness in the faith and in the accurate Organized to Do Jehovahs Will Page 30 knowledge of the Son of God, to a full-grown man, to the measure of stature that belongs to the fullness of the Christ.

    Paul instructed Timothy and Titus to appoint qualified men in the congregation to serve as overseers. They would not be mere boys or newly converted men, "but they would be individuals with experience in Christian living, reflecting a broad knowledge of the Bible, a deep understanding of it, and a genuine love for the congregation.

    The overseers would be individuals who have the courage to speak up when wrongdoing exists and to take the needed action to correct it, thus protecting the flock from any who would selfishly exploit them. Their overall way of life would show this. Those qualifying for appointment as overseers of the flock of God would be demonstrating a measure of practical wisdom in their daily lives.

    If married, they would be adhering to the Christian standard for marriage, namely, husband of one wife, and would be presiding over their own household in a fine manner. If the overseer has believing children who are in subjection with all seriousness and are not under a charge of debauchery nor unruly, other members of the congregation could confidently approach the overseer for counsel and advice on a wide range of personal matters having to do with family life and Christian living.

    Having conducted themselves properly within the family arrangement as well as within the community Organized to Do Jehovahs Will Page 31 in general, these men would also be irreprehensible, be free from accusation, and have a fine testimony even from people on the outside. No valid charge of improper conduct could be brought against them to mar the reputation of the congregation.

    They would not have been reproved recently for serious wrongdoing. Others in the congregation would be moved to imitate this fine example and entrust their spiritual life to the shepherds' care. Such qualified men would be able to serve the Christian congregation in a role similar to that of the older men of Israel who were described as "wise and discreet and experienced. Their blamelessness would give them freeness of speech before the congregation.

    Men qualifying for appointment as overseers would display moderation in personal habits and in their dealings with others. They would not be fanatics, but their way of life would be characterized by balance, orderliness, and self-control.

    Organized to do Jehovah's Will by Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society

    Moderation would be demonstrated in such things as eating, drinking, recreation, hobbies, and entertainment. They would be moderate in the use of alcoholic beverages so as not to leave themselves open to charges of drunkenness or of being a drunken brawler. One whose senses have been dulled by intoxicating drink easily loses self-control and is not in a position to watch over the spiritual interests of the congregation.

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